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Sometimes a home needs a facelift to revive the whole exterior and get a fresh new look. That's what Paramount Remodeling stepped in to do for this Long Island home with new roofing, siding and windows.

We removed the old siding from the home which was older and weather-beaten and replaced it with this new vinyl siding. The homeowner selected vinyl siding for the variety of benefits it offers including durability and little maintenance. Vinyl siding also comes in a variety of colors so the homeowner was able to choose their preference.

The home had roofing that wasn't properly insulating the interior of the house so we replaced the roof with asphalt shingles and completed the roof replacement in one day.

For the window replacement, the homeowner had older windows that were not energy efficient because of air leakage and drafts. We installed new double hung windows that gave the front of the house a beautiful new look and also had benefits inside the home! The new windows tilt in for easy cleaning and will keep the home better insulated and more energy efficient!